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Government Vehicle Examination with Motul 8100 x-Clean Package


按政府年檢準則,在正式驗車前作徹底檢查,並更換 5 公升 Motul 8100 X-Clean+ 5W-30 機油,提升座駕引擎表現,為您的座駕安全快捷地完成驗車。


  • 全車安全檢查(1 次)
  • 免費代交政府指定驗車中心檢驗 (已包政府驗車費 $585)
  • 更換 5 公升 Motul 8100 X-Clean+ 5W-30 全合成偈油(1 次)
  • 更換油隔(1 次)
  • 送 全人手洗車及吸塵服務 E-Coupon(1 次)

香港所有車齡達六年或以上的私家車,每年須在牌照續期前送交指定車輛測試中心檢驗,確保車輛續領牌照前符合《道路交通規例》(第 374 章)。車主不需要等到牌照屆滿,在行車證到期前 4 個月便可以驗車續牌,屆時客戶必須攜同車輛登記文件(牌簿)親臨使用服務。服務包括政府驗車前全面預檢(Pre-MOT)、代交政府指定驗車中心檢驗及政府驗車費 $585。


*如偈油超過 5 公升,每公升收費 $120。
Please contact us for other models.
#Not applicable to special car^

Tesla Government Vehicle Examination Package


According to the government annual inspection guidelines, conduct a thorough inspection before the Government Vehicle Examination. We will complete the vehicle examination safely and quickly. And we will manually wash the car and complete A/C Sterilization & Maintenance.


  • Pre-MOT x1
  • Free present your car to Government Vehicle Examination Centres (VECs) for the annual vehicle examination (including Government Vehicle Examination Fee $585) x1
  • A/C Sterilization & Maintenance x1
  • Professional Car Wash x1

All private cars manufactured not less than 6 years before licensing are required to receive annual examinations at Designated Car Testing Centres before they can be re-licensed, so as to ensure that the vehicles meet Road Traffic Regulations before licence renewal. If your vehicle licence is due to expire within next 4 months, you can take your vehicle registration document to our locations to apply the service. Service includes Pre-MOT, free present your car to Government Vehicle Examination Centres (VECs) for the annual vehicle examination and Government Vehicle Examination Fee $585.

A/C Sterilization & Maintenance


If the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, the bacteria and mold will grow easily. It may cause odor and poor refrigeration efficiency. Challenger's " A/C Sterilization & Maintenance " focuses on cleaning the air-conditioning system and replacing the refrigerant, solving the problem of odor and bacteria, ensuring the operation of the air-conditioning system and having a good refrigeration efficiency.


  • Clean the evaporator filter & vent x1
  • A/C Sterilization x1
  • Check the cabin air filter x1
  • Check and replace the refrigerant x1

Korea Car Change of Motor Oil


Motor oil change service for Korea private cars, including 4L Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 5w30 / 5w40 fully synthetic motor oil and oil filter, and free of Professional Car Wash.


  • 4L Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation Fully Synthetic Motor Oil x1
  • Replace Oil Filter x1
  • Professional Car Wash x1

Please remark when booking:
1. Choose 5w30 or 5w40
2. Provide car number for ordering oil filter
3. Choose location (Kwun Tong | Ngau Tau Kok)

*If the motor oil exceeds 4 liters, a fee of $120 per liter will be charged.
Please contact us for other models.
#Not applicable tospecial car^


Government Vehicle Examination Package


Government Vehicle Examination Package
按政府年檢準則,在正式驗車前作徹底檢查,並更換 4 公升機油,提升座駕引擎表現。我們會為您的座駕安全快捷地完成驗車,最後以人手洗車,及為車廂吸塵除垢,令座駕內外如新。


  • 56 項全車安全檢查(Pre-MOT)一次
  • 代交政府指定驗車中心檢驗(已包政府驗車費 $585)一次
  • 更換 4 公升 5W-40 全合成偈油一次
  • 更換油隔一次
  • 送全人手洗車及吸塵服務(e-coupon)一次

香港所有車齡達六年或以上的私家車,每年須在牌照續期前送交指定車輛測試中心檢驗,確保車輛續領牌照前符合《道路交通規例》(第 374 章)。車主不需要等到牌照屆滿,在行車證到期前 4 個月便可以驗車續牌,屆時客戶必須攜同車輛登記文件(牌簿)親臨使用服務。服務包括政府驗車前全面預檢(Pre-MOT)、代交政府指定驗車中心檢驗及政府驗車 $585。