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The best choice for auto detailing

The auto detailing concept originated in North America was first introduced to Hong Kong by Challenger in 1991. Challenger Auto Services selects a whole series of professional car care products created by a famous American PFI manufacturer to achieves the best service.

Challenger is the leader of the auto detailing industry and the largest auto detailing service company in Hong Kong. Our service centers are mostly located in the shopping malls and central business district parking lots. There are a number of service centers in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to provide the best quality car detailing services to customers.

Challenger adheres to the concept of best service quality, which meets the needs of customers with high expectation.


A one-stop service center that takes care of your cars' repair and maintenance needs

Challenger Auto Repair Center provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services, committed to achieving professional services, advanced equipment, friendliness and value for money.

Our aim is to provide car owners with the most comprehensive and reliable car repair and maintenance services. Our professional technicians are on standby to ensure the mechanical performance and driving safety.

From comprehensive mechanical maintenance to body repair and refurbishment, daily maintenance to safety testing, modification services and other designated items, Challenger Auto Repair Center can do it for you.

In addition to the above services, Challenger Auto Repair Center can help you with Pre-MOT before government vehicle examination, claims for auto accident insurance and 24-hour towing service. Our advanced equipment and various services can satisfy your needs.



      • P=Professional
      • We have the best outstanding people and equipment in the industry. Each staff has been provided the most rigorous and professional training, dedicated to serving customers.
      • R=Reliable
      • Based on the the needs and interests of the customers, we follow rigorous procedures to ensure that the customers can get the best service.
      • C=Convenience
      • We have the largest service network in Hong Kong. The service locations are in the place where customers will go in daily lives.

To ensure the quality of service and the satisfaction of customers.



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