Remove Shattered Paint / Cement Stains / Glass Sticker


Have you ever encountered any hard-to-remove stains such as shattered paint, cement stains, etc.? Although this kind of stain is difficult to remove, Challenger can remove it perfectly. Depending on the condition of the stains, our professional team will use a variety of professional tools to clean up the bumper, tires, rims or car body without damaging the paint.


  • Remove Shattered Paint / Cement Stains / Glass Sticker x1


Remove Shattered Paint / Cement Stains / Glass Sticker Service

If the car is often exposed outside, it will be stained with dust and sand. The Sunlight will form a layer of pollutants that are difficult to remove. With the most advanced descaling technology, we clean up the tar and cement stains with a meticulous attitude, the steps are as follows:
1. Clean the contaminated part
2. Remove some stubborn stains that are sticky and difficult to wash away, such as tar, cement stains, other pollutants and oxides
3. After removing the contaminants, remove the deep stains and tiny scratches
4. Final cleaning the bumper, tires, rims and car body as clean as new

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