Titanium Crystal Glass Coating


Titanium Crystal Coating can block 90% of UV and prevent corrosion of acid rain. More importantly, it can reduce glare and repel rain, so that you can maintain a good view and drive safety.


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Titanium Crystal Glass Coating

The Titanium coating synthesized by nanotechnology, its particles can penetrate the surface of the glass to form a layer of 0.3 - 0.6 microns thickness and a hardness of 9H, anti-acid, anti-oxidation and anti-UV protective film, which can prevent light scattering and keep the view clear when driving.

After the coating, the glass has strong water repellency. The super smooth surface can automatically slide away most of the rainwater and let the rainwater difficult to stay on the surface. Even if you drive at a rainy night, you can have a safe view.

Four powerful functions of Titanium Crystal Glass Coating:

  • Anti-UV: Block 90% of UV, fully protect the skin
  • Anti-acid rain: Prevent erosion by acid rain, keep the car windows clean and bright
  • Maintain a good view: Rain repellent, let the rainwater difficult to stay on the surface of the window
  • Reduce glare: Reduce the glare produced when driving at a rainy night and keep driving safety

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