Hyper-Steam Interior & Detailing Treatment + Ozone A/C Purifying Treatment


Hyper-Steam Interior & Detailing Treatment can make the seats, floors, doors and dashboard of the car clean and fresh, and protect the health of you and your family.

"Ozone A/C Purifying Treatment" uses the natural and effective disinfection and purification medium ─ Ozone. Its strong oxidation and sterilization ability can eliminate bacteria, mold, odor and keep the interior of car fresher and cleaner.


  • Hyper-Steam Interior & Detailing Treatment x1
  • Ozone A/C Purifying Treatment x1


Hyper-Steam Interior & Detailing Treatment:

If the vehicle runs for a long time, it will naturally produce some bacteria that are difficult to observe. If you drive in this environment for a long time, the risk of illness will naturally increase. For your family, Challenge provides vacuum cleaning service for cabins and trunks. The car sofa and carpet are cleaned and disinfected with high temperature steam, and also the leather, doors, dashboards and floors, to protect your health.

Ozone A/C Purifying Treatment:

"Ozone A/C Purifying Treatment" uses professional equipment to generate a large amount of ozone to sterilization, deodorization, purification and disinfection. Ozone is the most natural and effective disinfection and purification medium. Ozone has strong oxidation and sterilization ability. When ozone encounters bacteria, molds or toxic chemicals and peculiar smells, it can quickly occur oxidation reduction reaction to sterilization, mold removal, deodorization, decomposition of chemical substances, and keep the interior of car fresher and cleaner.

Terms & Conditions

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  • Only valid on passenger cars. Not valid for commercial vehicles
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